EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna's New Album Titled '7 World Wonders'?

Rihanna's New Album To Be Named '7WorldWonders'?

With confirmation that her upcoming 'new album' will be released in November, Rihanna launched the album's teaser website last week, with the number '7' in the domain name assumed to be refering to it being her seventh studio album, but... is there more to it? We found out there is!

The Directlyrics team found substantial clues, giving away the possible complete album title. By going through domain ownership records, we found out that on the same day Rihanna's label Universal Music (the parent company of Def Jam) bought, they also took ownership of the following domains:

Rihanna's New Album To Be Named '7WorldWonders'?

The combination of 'Rihanna' and the words 'Seven World Wonders' clearly stands out, suggesting to us '7 World Wonders' might be the actual title of the Bajan singer's upcoming album!

Our first thoughts on the album title:

- No way Rihanna would simply name her 'new album'...'7' (let's leave that to the likes of Adele or Beyoncé). It'd just be such an 'easy' title for a cheeky pop superstar like Rihanna. You know, the girl that is ‘rated R’, that went from ‘good girl to bad girl’, the one who loves to be ‘loud’ and melts when you ‘talk that talk’ to her.

- By taking inspiration of the fact that the 'Wonders of the Ancient World’ (or the 'New Wonders of the World' as you prefer) are seven, Rihanna gives a cool meaning to her new album’s title. What could this concept imply in the album, though? Is Rihanna planning to only give fans 7 songs on the album? Is the ‘World Wonders’ a concept she’s taking as inspiration for song lyrics? Or is the title ‘Seven World Wonders’ just a way to express her joy for her seven-album career ala Janet Jackson’s ’20 Y.O’? (We like this last one).

- We thought too about the possibility of Rihanna releasing a 'Greatest Hits' album in November making the ‘Seven World Wonders’ title fit so right (hits from her seven ‘wonderful’ albums), but since it’s confirmed that the 'Where Have You Been' star is/has worked with several different producers and song-writers this summer, hence having recorded already a great number of new songs, the option of ‘Greatest Hits' would be weird. (‘Greatest Hits + EP’? ‘Greatest Hits + New Album' bundle? Nah...). Although it’s also weird Rihanna would name her upcoming world tour “Diamonds” when everyone expected the ‘Talk That Tour' tour. How is she going to make this tour work with many songs from 'Talk That Talk' and only a couple of '7WorldWonders'?

- Finaly, we also thought of '7WorldWonders' being some kind of social media campaign as RiRi did last year with the Unlock app on Facebook, but this time is different…Universal has actually bought domains with combinations of 7 + World + Wonders in it, so this looks more formal than a mere marketing campaign for fans.

- Don't believe us? Check it out yourself:

By on September 24, 2012
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