Ricky Martin’s “Vente Pa’ Ca” Is A Reggaeton Hit, But Why No Gay Couples In The Music Video?

ricky martin vente pa ca video

Ricky Martin may be in the middle of a world tour, but that ain’t stoping him from releasing new music. In fact, take a look at what he dropped this Friday morning (Sept. 23). A new song entitled “Vente Pa’ Ca” (“Come here with me” in Spanish) featuring Colombian reggaeton star Maluma.

The new single is rumored to be part of Ricky’s eleventh studio album.

“Vente Pa’ Ca” saw both its official audio and music video released today.

Co-directed by Jessy Terrero and Santiago Salviche, the Miami-filmed music video shows Ricky and Maluma hosting pool, indoors and rooftop parties with their friends.

“Vente Pa’ Ca” totally screams ‘summertime’, so I wonder if Ricky should have released this back in the summer, and not now that fall has begun? Either way, the song will surely be a hit no matter what thanks to it being a freakin' CLUB BANGER. I’m just saying that maybe if Ricky had released the song in the summer it might have been able to do even better.

Si tu quieres nos bañamos, si tu quieres nos soplamos, pa' sacarnos lo mojado”, sings Puerto Rico-born Ricky Martin on the chorus of his new single. Roughly translated it says that Ricky wants to get a quick shower with his love interest so they can dry each other up intimately. The song has many sexual innuendos..

“Vente Pa’ Ca” is a pop and reggaeton hybrid with a little Colombian vallenato influence (the accordion). It is very catchy, and no doubt clubs in Miami, Latin America and Spain will play it non stop this fall/winter season.

ricky martin vente pa ca video premiere

Just one tiny critique about this whole “Vente Pa’ Ca” release. And it’s about the music video. Ricky Martin is a proud gay man and I know that. But why didn’t it show in the video? I saw zero gay couples or gay flirting. It was all about heterosexual relationships. Yeah, Maluma may be into girls, but Ricky is not. Why couldn't it be a 50/50 theme?

Ricky is such a superstar and an icon within the Latino culture and I think it’s kind of his duty to help normalize the LGBT figure in this community. So I’m a bit disappointed he’s not contributing with his grain of sand. I know he’s very vocal about the LGBT cause in interviews and social media, but it’s his songs and music videos the ones with the most exposure…


By on September 23, 2016
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