Ricky Martin Wanted To Get A "Despacito" With New Single "Fiebre" But Failed

ricky martin fiebre

So Ricky Martin released a new song called “Fiebre” today (translates to “Fever”) and the desperation to copy “Despacito” is real. That intro guys, that intro is so “Despacito”. There could be a case for plagiarism if you ask me. Then the rest? That’s ok. The rest is lawsuit-free. But Ricky says the word “Despacito” at least once. Could be because he had that song in mind when writing “Fiebre”? Oops.

Fiebre” is a Latin, reggaeton hybrid, very steamy, but to me it doesn’t go anywhere. Falls too flat. The chorus is not memorable, and I just don’t find anything hot or fever-worthy from this song. Sorry, Ricky. At least in the Wisin and Yandel version (there are two versions; solo and featuring Wisin and Yandel) there’s some corny rapping that switches the mood into something more entertaining but even with that “Fiebre” is dull.

How to turn this flop into a hit? Easy. Ricky Martin better appear shirtless in the “Fiebre” music video (just like he appears in the picture at the top). That’s how you can get a hit.

Rating: 1.5/5

UPDATE: Here's the music video and I'm disappointed.

By on February 23, 2018
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