Ricky Martin Slays "Adios" on "The Ellen Show" / Now That's Showmanship!

ricky martin performs on ellen
ellen introduces ricky martin

Ricky Martin released earlier this week his latest studio album “A quien quiera escuchar” (Spanish for “Whomever wants to listen”) and he’s been busy promoting the lead single “Adios” (Spanish for “Goodbye”) everywhere.

The Puerto Rican singer had yet to perform the infectious Latin-gypsy song on a US television show but that changed on Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 11) when he stopped by “The Ellen Show” to murder the stage and slay the white American housewives watching from their homes with his showmanship. Watch the full performance below:

He killed it. Even though the choreography looked a bit ridiculous, and he should’ve worn a fancy suit, Ricky Martin “sold” rather well this performance of “Adios” on “Ellen”.

He made the right choice, by the way, of performing the English version of “Adios” and not the Spanish one. He was evidently on “The Ellen Show” to specifically get the English-speaking population of the United States to buy his new album. And the best way to do so was to lure them with a performance of a song they would actually understand. Ironically, though, the English version of “Adios” isn’t on the “A quien quiera escuchar” and has to be purchased separately on iTunes via the “Adios” EP. Oh well, even he doesn’t get the ‘native’ coins, residents in the US still will know Ricky Martin is still in the game.


ricky martin performs adios on ellen
By on February 12, 2015
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