Ricky Martin - 'Come With Me' (Music Video)

Ricky Martin - 'Come With Me' (Music Video)

Although Ricky Martin's latest single "Come With Me" illustrates what 'generic' in the music industry means today, it's impossible not to bop to its mighty, and infectious dance beat, and get wild when you hear it played in the club, lol. Generic sometimes is good. Produced by Australian duo DNA Songs and IIan Kidron from The Potbelleez, "Come With Me" is a dance pop uptempo which got released in Australia back in June, just in time so Ricky could perform it during the grand finale of the latest Aussie edition of 'The Voice' where he worked as coach. The song did fairly good there, peaking at #3 and now it's being pushed in other countries. But first, a music video was required. Watch above!

"Come With Me" is a song for clubs, and its music video is a visual for clubs. It's very monotonous concept-wise, but it works. It sees Ricky Martin shaking it like a polaroid picture on a platform in the middle of a packed club. There's heavy dancing and fist pumping by everyone, a gay squad performing a synchronized choreogaphy, and even girls spinning on hoops. It's a huge party! I LIKE.

What do you think of the video?

ricky martin performs come with me live
By on August 10, 2013

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