Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera Reunite Virtually For “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” Performance In Las Vegas: Must-Watch!

ricky martin and christina aguilera las vegas

No freaking way! Can’t believe this happened!

Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera have reunited! Virtually. But a reunion it was!

The Puerto Rican hot singer kicked off his “All In” Las Vegas residency show last night (April 5) at the Park Theater inside the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and one of the songs of the setlist was Ricky’s 2001 “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely” ballad (an iconic hit featuring Christina Aguilera from his second English album “Sound Loaded”). Of course nobody in the crowd thought Christina would come out because it would have been so unexpected. Had we been there, we would have assumed Ricky would do the song solo. But the crowd at the Park Theater was in for a surprise. No, Christina wasn’t physically there, but she was virtually. She had shot performing footage, wearing some kind of black Indian traditional outfit, beforehand and had given Ricky the material to play in a huge screen behind. She did all her parts and more and it was FABULOUS. And YES to the Ricky “fan” who only shot Christina’s thing, lol.

How epic would it be if these two recorded something new in 2017?

Got goosebumps?

christina aguilera ricky vegas
By on April 6, 2017
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