Review: Sabrina Carpenter - "Pushing 20" [New Song]

sabrina carpenter pushing 20

Sabrina Carpenter released a brand new song entitled "Pushing 20" today (March 8) on digital platforms.

"Pushing 20" is set to appear on the singer's upcoming "Singular: Act II" album.

Here's what Sabrina has said about this song:

"I wrote this song ‘cause I was at a time in my life, by the way, like, six weeks ago? Like, not even that crazy long ago. But it was at a time in my life where, you know, I think a lot of you in this crowd, no matter what age you are, are going to go through that period in your life where you start making choices and having a lot more responsibility. And then you have to, like, think before you speak and think about the repercussions of things. And there’s just a lot on your plate and it becomes very heavy and there becomes, like, one day where you start listening to yourself before you listen to the opinions of other people."

This is a bop and feels like the love child of "7 Rings" and "Sorry Not Sorry".


By on March 8, 2019
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