Jessica Sutta Returns with Club-Ready Single "Candy" [Review]

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Are you ready for a new dance anthem? Jessica Sutta is back with a fresh new song but not only that; the former Pussycat Dolls star has also announced the upcoming release of her debut solo album (at last!) titled "Feline Resurrection” (MEOW!). This is going to be out in early 2015. The new song the fierce 32-year-old singer has recently premiered online is the lead single from “FELINE” and it’s called “Candy”. With an infectious EDM beat created by "Producer SX" (an up-and-coming producer hailing from the UK), “Candy” is most definitely the song that you should have your favourite club’s DJ playing when you’re already tipsy and ready to make a move on the person you’ve been eyeing all night long.

I worked on the song with two very talented and great people, Lil Eddie, who has incredible penmanship and a true ear for melodies, and S-X, my 21-year-old super producer. We sat in the studio and the energy was vibrating with a beautiful creative flow and we didn’t leave until we had created some sexy, delicious, yummy candy”, said Jessica about the story behind "Candy" in a recent interview.

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“Candy” song review

Jessica Sutta decided to stick to music after the final split of the Pussycat Dolls back in 2010 and ever since she has provided us with a series of one-off singles throughout these years. The majority of them has been up-tempo and surely this is the "sound" where Ms. Sutta gets to shine more. "Candy" is another upbeat jam, and one that is featuring a EDM beat that certainly is so "right now" but that has some 80's dance influence. If Jessica wants to do an album of this music style, then I only have nice things to say about "Candy" because it sounds to me as a strong lead single. Verses are sexy, the chorus is powerful, the bridge and build-ups are crazy and Jessica simply sounds exquisite throughout the whole of the song. Will it have difficulty getting Top 40 radio airplay and a Hot 100 charting? Well, that's a complete different story. Jessica still has to fight and work a lot to build a name as a solo artist but with much perseverance I’m confident she’ll achieve that goal. For now, I can definitely see "Candy" ruling over the Club/Dance charts on Billboard. All she gotta do first is drop a hot music video – and this is coming VERY SOON.

Ain’t nobody watching us when the lights are off / When I hear my song tonight / I’mma give my life / Body to body, we’ll dance” are a few lyric excerpts from the song and they will give an idea of what "Candy" is about. A sexy song about falling in love in the club, and giving your all on the dancefloor.


By on October 27, 2014
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