Review: Janet Jackson - "Made For Now" [New Single]

janet jackson made for now

Oh Janet. You're going to disappoint so many.

I'm going to be straight with you: the new Janet Jackson single "Made for Now" is not good. It's not first single material and it's barely album track material. Actually, it's more like "not worthy of even making it to the final tracklist" material. That's how critical this moment is. We were all so hyped for this new single. We got excited from the music video shooting images and then when we found out "Made for Now" was going to be a collaboration with "Despacito" star Daddy Yankee. What could have gone wrong, right? Turns out that everything.

"Made for Now" features an African meets Caribbean beat, but it's not a good beat. It feels boring and dated. Then the lyrics... Oh my God the lyrics. Janet's worst lyrics in a song ever? Could be! They're tragic, and way too cheesy. I honestly thought for a second we were back in July and this was the official FIFA World Cup anthem (and not in a good way) because the lyrics are generic as hell. I'm sure you will immediately get this same feeling too.

The song is annoyingly repetitive as well. On my first listen I didn't manage to finishing the track. It got to a point it was unbearable. I would have chopped off at least a whole minute.

And as for Daddy Yankee, well, I'm not his biggest fan but I do have to say his Spanish too verse was a breath of fresh air in this song. That was the only moment I kind of felt good with myself for forcing myself to try to give this song a full listen (although eventually I just couldn't).



By on August 16, 2018
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