Review: Ava Max - "So Am I" (New Song)

ava max so am i

Ava Max premiered today (March 7) a brand new single entitled "So Am I". The song is supposed to be an anthem for all those who feel like weirdos sometimes... like they don't fit in a mold. "Do you ever feel like a misfit? / Everything inside you is dark and twisted / Oh, but it's okay to be different", Ava sings in the chorus.

If my explanation of the song feels too short, here's a long one from Ava herself:

"So Am I’ is about loving yourself, being different, being an outcast and not fitting in the format that society wants to put us in – just celebrating what really makes you different. Whenever I’m feeling down, I remind myself that my flaws make me perfect, because in reality there is no perfect.”

The song is catchy and it was love at first sight for me. But I didn't like the fact it sounded like "Sweet but Pyscho" 2.0. The structure is literally the same. And also, I don't like the fact I don't see Anastacia in the credits... because there's no way in hell she can deny "Sweet but Pyscho" isn't sampling "Left Outside Alone".

Anastacia's song:

Ava's new song:

By on March 7, 2019
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