Report: Miley Cyrus’ Next Album Is “Experimental” & “Not Very Good”: Will Her Career Resist A ‘Commercial’ Flop?

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I don’t know want to say. I really enjoyed Miley Cyrus’ latest album “Bangerz”, and the ‘urban/twerky’ persona she brought along for that era, and looking back at her album catalogue, I was really expecting her to debut yet a new ‘sound’ (as she does every era) for her next album, and work one more time with top producers and top writers, but it seems Miley’s next album will be a ‘shocker’ to everyone and could potentially damage her career severely.

In an interview she gave to Marie Claire for the latest edition of the magazine, Miley said she was planning her next album release to be completely free of charge; with her manager Adam Leber adding “If RCA wasn’t down the gratis plan, she was prepared to buy herself out of the label”. That would seem a bit extreme, wouldn’t it? I’m sure Miley has millions in the bank, but can she really afford to lose a deal with RCA that has treated her so well (welcoming her “Bangerz” persona change with open arms) and evidently alienating other major labels from singing her due to her “abusive” and abrupt crazy creative ideas such as giving an entire album for free for instance?

Today, sheds more light on the Miley Cyrus next album situation.

Yes, Miley’s new album is self-produced, and sources close to her admit it’s not very good—they’re calling it “experimental.” If it's that bad, RCA may very well let her give it away. Not on the table is a sale with a money-back guarantee.

So her next album will be “experimental” - meaning bye twerking, bye cursing, bye drop it like it’s hot beats, bye catchy choruses, bye Top 40 airplay and hello indie music ("self-produced") – and people that have already heard it (bet a million bucks HDD’s deep throat is an RCA executive) describe it as “not very good”. What can I say? I’M WORRIED! Although I liked Miley’s Backyard sessions (that saw her performing acoustic covers of classic songs), I don’t think I’m prepared to hear a full album of only indie/acoustic ("experimental") songs. And you know what will happen if Miley’s “experimental” album flops, right? That we will probably have to wait two more years for the next Miley album, all because she wanted to be a rebel, and not listen to her label. She could’ve done a 3-song indie EP and get it out of her system, but nah, she wanted to do a full-length thing.

Worried or excited?

By on August 18, 2015
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