RedOne, Daddy Yankee, Dinah Jane & French Montana Shout "Boom Boom"

redone boom boom

Super producer RedOne released a brand new entitled “Boom Boom” on Friday. This is RedOne’s second single of his career as a lead artist following last year’s “Don’t You Need Somebody”. For “Boom Boom”, the “Just Dance” producer recruited the help of reggaeton star Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane. The track is straightforward EDM as RedOne always likes his music to be but he does make one tiny exception for his world star guest Daddy Yankee. For his energetic first verse, RedOne will make an unseen exception, as he will give Daddy Yankee a reggaeton beat for his verse to sound more “home”.

Boom Boom” is a 5 minutes long song (too long if you ask us) and RedOne had no intention of using a shorter edit for the official music video. The video is also 5 minutes long but it’s actually watchable. However, for our next viewing of it there’s no doubt we’ll be skipping to our favorite moments. Because spending 5 consecutive minutes again? No gracias. The “Boom Boom” music video feels summery and it was shot in RedOne’s home country in Morocco. And here’s the main question: did the Moroccan government paid for this music video? Because it looks like it was very expensive to make and it looks a tourist ad for the country. Or is it that RedOne is that wealthy? Some of the scenes of the music video are completely beautiful and breathtaking. Seems like there’s a lot to discover in Morocco! Oh, and YEY at queen Dinah getting this exposure. Solo career soon?

By on October 29, 2017
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