Recommended Music: Bobby Bazini - "Heavy Love"

bobby bazini heavy love

Recommended Music: Bobby Bazini - "Heavy Love"

It's time that you meet Canadian folk-soul singer Bobby Bazini. This 25-year-old already has two albums in his catalogue. His debut “Better in Time” (Warner) was released in 2010 and was certified platinum (over 80,000 copies) while his second album “Where I Belong” (Universal) – released earlier this year in his homeland – is just a few copies away from getting the platinum certification too.

"Bobby is an extraordinary talent. It's incredibly rare in this era of American Idol and The Voice to come across a young man of Bobby's age who has gone the extra mile and not only assimilated his influences and made them his own, but has developed his own voice as a songwriter,” said producer Larry Klein, who worked on Bobby’s latest LP.

Capitol Records is now bringing Bobby Bazini to the U.S. Together; they released “Where I Belong” in America last August. The first US single from Bobby is “Heavy Love", a romantic folk/soul mid-tempo where you hear Bobby singing “I need you love, can I have it?” to the girl he's in love with. “This is actual singing in this generation,” said a Bobby Bazini fan on YouTube and I couldn't agree more! He reminds me of Phillip Phillips and Kings of Leon. Having heard his second album in its entirety, I can definitely say that Bobby Bazini is an artist to watch. America is definitely going to fall in love with Bobby’s music as time goes by. What’s not to like about cleverly-sung and written folk/soul music, huh?

I’m posting below for you a "1 Mic 1 Take” acoustic performance of “Heavy Love" as well. And if you have indeed dug Bobby’s music, make sure to hear "Bubblegum" too.

bobby bazini heavy love promo


By on October 16, 2014

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