Rebecca Black Visits 'Jay Leno'

OK, she's adorabable and sweet! Rebecca Black visited last night (March 22nd) 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' to 'promote' her smash hit "Friday" - In a very candid interview, Ms Black talked about how was the process of recording "Friday", how did she get in touch with ARK Music Factory, how did she feel when she read the cruel comments about her song and herself, the parodies, etc. Oh! And 'Queen Becca' said she'll be donating the proceeds (not sure if ALL) from "Friday" to Japan. I guess she doesn't need that desperately the money, I believe I read Rebecca's parents are loaded. After the 5-minute chat with Jay Leno, he asked her to hit the stage and perform a few secs of the 'weekend reminder' hit "Friday". Impromptu stuff! Jay Leno should have given her the full performance at the end of the show. SMH

By on March 23, 2011
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