Rebecca Black - Person of Interest (Music Video!)

I gotta be honest, this song caught me off guard, and I'm totally LOVING it!!!! That's right, I'm stanning for Viral queen Rebecca Black again! Despite the follow-up to her smash hit "Friday", the so-so "My Moment" passed unnoticed, and sounded boring as hell, I'm happy to announce Becca's third try, the danceable, upbeat "Person of Interest", or simply POI (lol), is a complete success IMO. The song is catchy, cleverly crafted, with a nice lil' production, and Ms Black finally gets ride of the heavy auto-tune and lets her vulnerable cute vocals shine for a change. I know of people who TRIED to hate Rebecca Black's new single "Person of Interest", but ultimately fell in love with it. It's got THAT something, I don't know...must be the hook, which is oh-so-good, or the way Becca sings in it. Anyhow, I'm loving it, people other than me are loving, and that's good news for Rebecca. Will this be a US top 10 hit? 'Course not, but I'm sure that with all the VEVO hits thanks to the audio vid of "Person Of Interest", and the music video, Rebecca Black will get a big paycheck every month. And that should be all that counts for her. Doing what she loves, and getting a monetary reward for it. Critics, and supporters will always be there.

Commenting now on the recently-premeired "Person of Interest" visual, it basically sees Ms Black having fun playing arcade games, go-karting, putting mini golf and more at a local fair, with random boy she met there, they have chemistry, there's a spark in their eyes, she sings for him...and lastly they exit the fair together with an unknown destination. I liked it! And Rebecca looked absolutely stunning!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on November 16, 2011
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