Preview of Fergie's New Single "L.A Love (La La)" Leaks

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Happy Fergie Friday! Earlier this week we got solid information that Fergie's new single was titled "L.A Love (La La)", and before the working week is over, a 1:30-preview of the DJ Mustard-produced song has leaked online on Friday night (September 19). According to Billboard's Associate Director of Charts/Radio Gary Trust, Fergie's comeback single will premiere on radio on September 30, but other sources affirm that the song will hit iTunes next Monday, September 22. Whatever the case, we don't have to wait anymore to know what's going to be the sound of Fergie's "L.A Love (La La)". A lengthy snippet has just leaked on the Internet, and we should all hear it before Interscope takes it down!


How to describe Fergie's new single from this snippet? Absurd but catchy! Just the way we want it when it comes to Fergie's uptempo pop songs. DJ Mustard has given the Black Eyed Peas' frontwoman an infectious reggae-ish beat for "L.A Love (La La)", while the lyrical content leaves much to be desired but nevertheless it WORKS because it's catchy and you just can't get it out of your head after you hear it once. Basically, the song is about Fergie name-dropping all the most important countries and cities in the world and commanding them to say "la la la" when she gives the signal.

Loving the preview?

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By on September 20, 2014
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