Preview G.R.L's New Single "Lighthouse" / First Song Since Simone Battle's Death & Inspired By Her!

grl lighthouse

Major weeping alert! G.R.L is not over. They are pushing forward as a group despite the tragic loss of member Simone Battle earlier this year to suicide. Moments ago (afternoon of Nov. 5), a video interview of producers Dr. Luke and Cirkut discussing the new G.R.L material was uploaded on YouTube. The interviewer and the hit-makers were at a secret recording studio property of Dr. Luke. During the video – unfortunately now put in private but we managed to rip the important audio for you – we could watch Dr. Luke and Cirkut talking about a brand new G.R.L song that will be released “in about a month” called “Lighthouse”. This is G.R.L's imminent new single, y’all!!! “Lighthouse” is a power pop mid-tempo that will have you reaching for the tissues as it’s inspired by Simone’s death. It's super emotional and from the heart!

When you feel lost, then I'll reach out to guide you home with my lighthouse”, sing now four-piece G.R.L in the heart-wrenching chorus of “Lighthouse”. The snippet they played for the interview was quite lengthy – pretty much the entire first verse and chorus. Not very usual of Luke! Anyway, “Lighthouse” sounds amazing and sounds like it’s going to be G.R.L’ best song to date. In the video – now unavailable – the interviewer asked Dr. Luke if “Lighthouse” was the first song G.R.L had recorded after Simone’s passing and if it was in a way inspired by her. He replied YES to both questions. Dying to hear this in full!!!!


By on November 5, 2014
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