Preview Enrique Iglesias’s New Single “El Baño” Featuring Bad Bunny!

enrique iglesias and bad bunny

Are you ready for Enrique Iglesias’s comeback?

The Spanish singer is as of 2016 a singles artist. His last studio album “Sex and Love” was released in 2014 and rumor has it Enrique doesn’t have in mind to drop a new full-length album for a long while. And honestly, why would he? In 2016 he released his one-off single “Duele El Corazon” and it was a super smash hit, and in 2017 he released “Subeme La Radio” and that was another super smash hit. With the money from those individual singles Enrique apparently had enough to live a comfortable life each of those two years. And on top of that, he’s done tours, simply recycling his older material and combining it with these two new singles and his recent collaborations with other artists for the setlist. That way Enrique has been living the good life ever since 2016. And so, why to invest so much of your time recording an entire album when you can simply live off one-off singles, right? And besides, rumor has it Enrique is a father now, so time is more important for him.

Anyways, his one-off single for 2018 will be “El Baño” featuring reggaeton singer Bad Bunny, a super star in Latin America and within the Latino community of the US too. Bad Bunny has had many smash hits as a solo artist and he’s also participated in massive collaborations such as “Krippy Kush” with Farruko and Nicki Minaj or “Mayores” with Becky G. “El Baño” will be released next Friday, January 12th. For now, check out some previews of the song/music video that Enrique has posted on Twitter:

With only ten seconds of the song, and 8 of them being just the instrumental, in the preview above, I can already tell “El Baño” will be another hit for Enrique. Get ready for the Latin slayage!

By on January 7, 2018
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