Post Malone Has That Midas Touch: New Song "Wow" Is A BOP!

Post Malone wow

Post Malone enjoyed various smash hits this year and he's all ready to continue this successful streak into 2019. Today, the rapper/singer released a new single titled "Wow" on digital platforms (consider it a Christmas present!). The song is already #1 on iTunes and I have no doubt that in early 2019 (that is, in a couple of weeks) we are going to see "Wow" dominating the Billboard Hot 100. Post Malone simply has that Midas touch. Everything he touches he makes it gold. And this new single is GOLD.

Post Malone had promised on social media a "new song" was to be released before the end of the year and he has fulfilled his promise. He didn't fulfill the one he made even earlier about releasing a "new project" by the end 2018, though. But I'm sure there's a good reason for that specific unfulfilled promise. He probably just recorded (and probably still is) a lot of good songs in the last minute and the release date for his new album just had to be pushed back. Q1 of 2018 I hope!

Anyway, is "Wow" the first single from his next "project"? That's not confirmed yet but let's not focus on that just yet. Let's enjoy for now the song and the fact Post Malone is about to have another monster hit added to his list. "Wow", a song where he boasts about his health and success and laughs at those who doubted him, features a blazing hot beat and a super catchy hook. That sounds like Post Malone's trademark style, huh? Yep, yep. Post Malone has done it again. He just knows how to do a radio hit good. "Wow" is a bonafide BOP, y'all. And my favorite lyric has to be: "And your grandma probably know me". LOL.



By on December 24, 2018
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