Porcelain Black Performs On 'Letterman'

Porcelain Black Performs On 'Letterman'

It was about time...Remember Porcelain Black? If not, let me do a quick recap - Porcelain Black, born as Alaina Marie Beaton, is a 23-year-old singer whose genre falls into the 'electro-rock' category, who in late 2009 was discovered by hitmaker producer RedOne, who signed her to his '2011 Records' label (Universal Republic). She's been recording her debut album ever since, at studios in Madrid, Sweden, New York and Los Angeles. According to her official website, the 'rocky' set will hit stores this Fall 2011. The first single was announced as "This is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like", a Lil' Wayne collabo. This was released/leaked in March and the music video also hit the online realm around those dates. However, something must have not fitted right in his record label's schedule, cause all the promo was put on hold...until now, lmao.

"This is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like" went for radio adds a long time ago, and Porcelain should have kicked-off the promo by then, or while she was supporting Lil' Wayne on his 'I'm Still Music' tour. Anyhow, I hope this new plan works well for her cause I really dig her style and music. It's something that was missing in the market, electronic-rock, right?

Porcelain Black made her US television debut last night on 'The Late Show with David Letterman', and she did GREAT! Beyonce great, I'd even say. High-energy performance, with cool outfits and dancing. Oh, and I absolutely died at the 'dark metal' scream. Rock on!

By on July 22, 2011

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