Pop Band After Romeo Talk Beginnings, New Single “Where The People Go” & Favorite Songs Of The Moment: Directlyrics Interview

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Pop Band After Romeo Talk Beginnings, New Single “Where The People Go” & Favorite Songs Of The Moment: Directlyrics Interview

It’s time for you to get to know pop band After Romeo a little better.

Composed of members Blake English, Drew Ryan Scott, Jayk Purdy and T.C. Carter, After Romeo has been in the music scene since 2013 when they released their first single ever. A few later, and now in 2015, the band hit the road this summer with the “Pop Nation Tour” visiting many cities across the US, crossed the 250k followers mark on Twitter, and released not long ago yet another catchy single online, although rumor has it this time it may be from a coming-soon full EP/studio album they’re finally readying for fans! (ahhh!!!).

After Romeo’s new song’s titled “Where The People Go” and for the music video they bussed in 50 fans from all over the country to shoot in a lost and spooky desert in California. The result? Their best video yet! (bonus points for you if you spot an original costume used in the Michael JacksonThriller” music video!)

Check out below our exclusive interview with After Romeo and, hey!, you might have found your new favorite pop band after your read it and check out their music.

The Interview

1. After Romeo first hit the music scene as a band back in 2013. How did you all meet and was the “musical” chemistry immediate?

We all met in LA. Jayk and Drew moved from Las Vegas to pursue music. T.C. met Jayk and Drew threw a mutual friend at a pick up game of basketball. We all found out we loved singing & dancing. Then T.C. introduced them to Blake who moved out to LA soon after & the rest is history!

2. As a young band did the idea of auditioning for a TV talent show ever cross you mind or did you always know paving the way yourselves was what you wanted?

We have always been independent in creating all of our music, videos, ideas etc. so, we knew from the start that we wanted to do it our way and on our time.

3. You have almost 300k followers on Twitter and the music video for your song “Free Fall” has almost one million views on YouTube. What do you think has been the key for your massive following in just 2 years?

I think because we’re independent, we know that it's up to us to make it happen. So we are constantly pushing ourselves. Also, our strong dedication to helping kids who were bullied, just like us, has shown people/fans that we care, and we do! In return they do everything they can to help support us & our music. If you have ever seen one of our shows, you’ll see how much we genuinely love music & performing for our fans.

4. You recently released a new single titled “Where The People Go”. For those you haven’t heard the song yet, how would you describe its story and sound?

We wanted to create a song that was fun & that people could jam to. The song & video show that no matter who you are or who you hang out with, everyone can still come together to hang out and enjoy each others’ company without judgment!

5. I hear you bussed 50 lucky fans to a Californian desert for the music video shooting of “Where The People Go”. How was it like working with fans on the set for so many hours and any fun anecdotes you can tell us from the shoot?

We love sharing every experience that we can with our fans! It meant the world to us to be able to have the opportunity to have them at the shoot! Even though it was a very hot, long shoot, we LOVED hanging out and getting to know them!

6. You hit the road this past summer with the “Pop Nation Tour”. Where do you think you had the best crowd and why?

Every city had its own individual flair to it. There are so many stories from each city, but being able to perform in LA where our friends, family, and some of our fans who have been there since the beginning, was so exciting for us! We felt like we were at home.

7. From 2013 to date you have released half a dozen singles and music videos. Is it a near-future project to release either an EP or an album of all original material for the fans? Fans might start getting a little too impatient to wait for the next new song.

Yes it is! Our fans have been so patient and supportive in waiting for our album. We’re taking our time because we want each song to be special and really stand out in their own way.

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8. On new music, you recently said in another interview that you were back in the recording studio and that you had recorded a “HUGE” song that could possibly be your next single. What can fans expect from this particular song? You make it sound as if it could be your biggest one yet and we want to know more about it, please!

There's something about this song that strikes a chord with all of our hearts, especially two of us. We wish we could tell you more, but for right now, we think it could be the next hit single! We are THAT passionate about it. So stay tuned!!

9. Not many new artists can go abroad to promote their music, and After Romeo has already kind of conquered Japan. You were there not long ago and you had hundreds of fans packing your shows! What was the experience like of knowing your music is loved too so far away from home?

It is inspiring to be able to go to a country where not everyone speaks English, but still grasps onto our music! It really shows that music is its own language that connects people!

10. If you could record a collaboration with any pop artist on the scene right now, who would it be, why, and how do you imagine your song to be like?

We all appreciate different genres of music and different artists. But I think, collectively, we can agree that we would love to collaborate with artists like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Tori Kelly, and so many more - definitely not enough room here to list them all out!

11. Top 5 songs of the moment?

T.C.: "Pure Grinding" by Avicii

Jayk: "Shameless" by The Weekend

Blake: "Alive" by Sia

Drew: "The Quiet" by Troye Sivan

12. Thank you for your time, guys! Is there any last thing you’d like to share with our readers at Directlyrics.com?

We just want to thank all of our fans for the support & dedication! We truly have the best fans ever, this ARmy is strong!! Make sure to follow us @afterromeo for updates on new music!! We can’t wait to share it with you.

By on October 1, 2015

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