Pink Does The US National Anthem Proud At 2018 Super Bowl: Watch

pink national anthem
pink national anthem 2018

She had the flu. So Pink wasn’t capable of giving us her 100% yesterday at the USA national anthem performance prior the beginning of the 2018 Super Bowl game between the Eagles and the Patriots. She had already warned fans about it talking about her health situation on social media the day before but promised anyway to be there Sunday afternoon and do the best she could. And what she did was good enough! (…phew!).


Pink did “The Star-Spangled Banner” proud yesterday at the U.S. Bank Stadium before 67,000 people and with over 100 additional people watching from their homes. Clearly she wasn’t at her best level but bless her doctors and the medicine they gave them because Pink sounded pretty decent yesterday. I honestly enjoyed her performance, was moved by it and knowing what she was suffering, my love for it simply got bigger. True that high note towards the end was a bit cringey (you could tell she knew it) but that aside, the rest of the performance went well! So mission accomplished, girl! Hurray!

By on February 5, 2018
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