[Pics] Lady Gaga ALMOST Takes An Epic Tumble Outside Istanbul Airport

lady gaga trips
lady gaga falls

Ah! Super high heels are every woman’s worst enemy. Lady Gaga performed a sold-out “ArtRave" concert last night in Istanbul, Turkey and this morning (Sept. 17) after walking off her vehicle to enter the city's Ataturk airport to make her way to Athens, Greece where Lady Gaga’s next concert will be held on Friday, she almost had an awful incident.

Wearing a very chic and very Gaga outfit, a sheer fringe dress and a beige pashmina (including a pair of white super high heels - nothing Gaga can't handle), the "Applause" star tripped with the pavement's edge upon descending her black SUV and almost kissed the ground. Thankfully, her bald security guard – who was holding her hand from the very beginning – could prevent the epic fall.

lady gaga high heels
lady gaga leaves turkey

You can tell from the pics above that Gaga really ALMOST hit the ground very bad and although she didn’t int the end, she definitely twisted her ankle a bit. Hopefully she's all okay (and hopefully a video of this will surface soon...just to see if she's all okay). Her Greek fans would be extremely disappointed if Gaga were injured and couldn't dance.

I guess Gaga didn’t see the pavement’s edge with those sunglasses? Oh well. Lesson learned! Watch out for the edges!! Or was it the high heels? No, that can't be. Ever since that performance with the Rolling Stones, I know Gaga has mastered the high heels.

Update: Gaga is OKAY. I repeat, Mother Monster is OKAY. Watch video below of her arriving in Athens just moments ago. #walkwalkfashionbaby


By on September 17, 2014
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