Pia Toscano Performs On 'Regis & Kelly'

Pia Toscano Performs On 'Regis & Kelly'

Pia Toscano made the most out of her free day from the 'American Idol Live Tour' by promoting her debut single "This Time" with a live performance on 'Regis & Kelly' on Tuesday (August 16th) - She look good and sounded amazing! Go Pia! Keep slaying effortlessly! I'm pretty sad though her single "This Time" is falling on the charts as well as losing airplay on radios (it's behind Skylar Grey's "Invisible"..SMH). Should we blame it on the lack of promotion? or what? Cuz the song is good!

In any case, I do think her second single should be something riskier...with her still displaying her great vocals, but the production should be something more 'current' in sound, if you know what I mean. She could pull a Leona and release a techno-ballad - don't hate on me! - if she feels comfortable recording slow jams.

BTW, I felt really bad when Regis asked Pia, "This song [This Time] is very big now, right?"...and Pia answering: "Yeah...it's doing pretty good". Oh boy. Pia's debut album will hit stores this Fall.

By on August 17, 2011

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