Phillip Phillips - "Unpack Your Heart" [Music Video Premiere!]

unpack your heart video phillip phillips

An entire fantasy world is built behind Phillip Phillips' back in the music video for "Unpack Your Heart". The uplifting folk-pop song is the newest single from the "American Idol" star's sophomore album "Behind the Light". Could you believe "Unpack Your Heart" is only the second official single from the album? "Behind the Light" was released in MAY, and the only single thus far had been the lead single "Raging Fire". Crazy! It looks like Interscope is indeed very disappointed with the performance of the second Phillip Phillips album that they don't honestly care about its promotion anymore.

unpack your heart video phillip phillips

"Unpack Your Heart" video review

This is a nice song but I'm shocked that Phillip's label picked it as the new single when there are evidently better songs on "Behind the Light" than "Unpack Your Heart". Eg: "Midnight Sun" or "Fool for You". Anyway, the new single's video is very simple but the CGI makes it an "interesting watch". Phillip will perform the song with his guitar at an abandoned warehouse as a box (with a heart painted on it) will voluntarily move around the place as a fantasy world is created out of the blue.

unpack your heart video phillip phillips

What do you think of the video?

By on November 20, 2014
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