Phillip Phillips Performs "Raging Fire" on "American Idol": Watch Now!

Phillip Phillips raging fire on american idol

Phillip Phillips returned to the show that turned him into a household name across the U.S two years ago; "American Idol". Why the comeback? He was there on Thursday night (March 6th) to perform his brand new folk-pop anthem "Raging Fire”.

The powerful song is the first single from Phillip Phillips’ forthcoming sophomore studio album whose title and release date are still a mystery.

Was he nervous? The performance didn't start too well but he did pick it up towards the end. Phillip didn’t look too healthy either. Maybe he was sick and that's why the whole "Raging Fire" performance wasn't that incredible but a little bit uncomfortable both for him to perform and for us to connect with. Anyhow, there are still many TV performances to come, Phillip will eventually nail it, and "Raging Fire" is still an incredible song that deserves nothing but success.

Did you like the performance?

Phillip Phillips performs new single on american idol
Phillip Phillips raging fire idol
By on March 7, 2014
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