Pharrell - 'Marilyn Monroe' [Music Video]

pharrell finds the girl of his dreams

Pharrell just dropped the official video for his new single 'Marilyn Monroe' (it's going be sad saying farewell to 'Happy', huh?). The self-produced track, featuring Pharrell's signature "skittering" beat and "bumping" bass line, is the second single from the singer-producer's second solo album "GIRL".

Pharrell makes reference to several female historic figures in his new single, including: actress Marilyn Monroe, Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and French heroine Joan of Arc. But none compare to the girl of his dreams (who makes an appearance in the video's intro).

pharrell marilyn monroe video

The dance-heavy music video below was choreographed by Fatimah Robinson.

So many girls in so many different places dance to the infectious Pharrell beat. Kelly Osbourne, holding a bow, makes a cameo in the middle of the video to give her speech.

What do you think of the video?

By on April 23, 2014
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