Pharrell (feat. Miley Cyrus) - "Come Get It Bae" [Music Video]

miley cyrus Come Get It Bae music video

After failing to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Happy” follow-up single “Marilyn Monroe”, Mr. Pharrell Williams sent to radios in May single no. 3; ”Come Get It Bae” featuring rebel girl Miley Cyrus. Two months later, to be exact; today, July 23, Pharrell (who by the way did you know is 41 year old! What moisturizer does he use?) premiered on VEVO the music video for his funk-heavy new single. “Come Get It Bae” was co-produced by Mr. Williams and Anshu "AM" Sharma, and it's included on Pharrell's second solo album "GIRL" (Columbia Records).

Review of ”Come Get It Bae” music video

Can someone explain how exactly does ”Come Get It Bae”, being a more exciting song than “Marilyn Monroe”, gets a worse video?. I didn’t like “Marilyn Monroe” as single but its music video quite fun to watch; however Come Get It Bae’s is pretty bad, dull and disappointing. What’s it about? Pharrell holds an audition looking for female back-up dancers. He just sits there in the middle of a skyscraper’s floor watching this girls do their thing. Towards the end of video, Miley Cyrus joins Mr. P for some silly dancing.

Come Get It Bae music video

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By on July 23, 2014
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