Pharrell & Camila Cabello Give Us A Sip Of "Sangria Wine": Single Premiere

camila cabello sangria wine

Well, well, well, this is a surprise.

I thought "Sangria Wine" was going to be a Camila Cabello song but NO. She's the "featured artist". "Sangria Wine" turns out to be a Pharrell single.

So if this flops, we can always blame Pharrell plus there would be no image repercussion for Camila. And that's good in the end.

We've seen Camila perform this song at all the dates of her "Never Be The Same Tour" to date and yesterday, May 18, "Sangria Wine" was finally officially released on digital platforms. The song is Pharrell's hope for a summer 2018 hit. And will he get it? Well... if I'm being honest, I much preferred the song in its live version. It's lacking a little something for me in the studio edit. Don't you think the same?

Also, I didn't mind it that much in the live performances, but here I find Pharrell's parts and adlibs sooooooo annoying. It's really disappointing how much he messes the song. I would have loved "Sangria Wine" much more as a solo Camila Cabello song.

I know Pharrell wanted this to be the next "Havana" but I just don't see it.


Read the lyrics to "Sangria Wine" here

By on May 19, 2018
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