OneRepublic - 'Counting Stars' (Music Video)

OneRepublic - 'Counting Stars' (Music Video)

American rock band OneRepublic have recently debuted the music video for their song "Counting Stars", the latest single from their third studio album "Native". The uplifting "Counting Stars" was written and produced by frontman Ryan Tedder. Watch the James Lees-directed visual for the new OR single above.

Loving the song, and I kind of enjoyed its video. The concept that the band and director James Lees came up for it was weird as heck, though! It basically shows the OneRepublic guys playing their festive track "Counting Stars" in the basement of some building, (I dig Ryan's quirky dance moves!), while just one floor up, a religious sect is gathered together to hear their Preacher do his thing. As they are exorcised or over execited by the preacher's words, the disciples dance around and drop/throw themselves to the floor. The combination of OneRepublic's heavy volume, and the movement of the sect people will make the thin floor collapse 'killing' the moment for both parties. What does the video teach us?. As a clever YouTube user posted; "Lesson:? don't hold your sect's meeting in an old building.". LOL. Anyway, "Counting Stars" is an amazing song!. It deserves to smash!

What do you think of the video?

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By on May 31, 2013

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