OneRepublic - "I Lived" [Music Video]

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OneRepublic - "I Lived" [Music Video]

OneRepublic’s recently-premiered music video for "I Lived" - the latest single from "Native" - tells the story of Bryan Warnecke, a boy living with cystic fibrosis. After a brief introduction of his disease, Bryan shows OneRepublic’s fans in the video photographs and footage of how he’s grown up dealing with this unfair burden. Bryan Warnecke, who is a major fan of Ryan Tedder and Co.’s music, will get the ultimate prize by being flown from his small town to witness live one of the most important concerts in OneRepublic's latest North American tour.

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What a moving video! Kudos are in order to Sophie Muller for coming up with the idea. Bryan’s tough story with cystic fibrosis certainly is just a super clever treatment for the “I Lived” music video. It just fits the whole concept of the song in a way I didn't expect. And very nice of OneRepublic to raise awareness towards this disease with the video. They probably won't make the same cash the ELA campaign is doing, but still very nice of 'em!

After releasing the “Native” re-pack exclusive new song “Love Runs Out” a few months ago as the latest OneRepublic single, the Ryan Tedder-led band is now at it again with the original edition of "Native" giving "I Lived" the shot to shine on its own.

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By on September 25, 2014

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