OneRepublic Debut "Connection" Music Video At Last! [Watch]

onerepublic connection video
onerepublic connection video premiere
onerepublic connection video premiere

OneRepublic premiered this week an official music video for their latest single “Connection” - which they released almost three months ago. About time? Hell yeah. “Connection” is such a good song, one of my favorites from the band in a while, and I was starting to get infuriated about OneRepublic not honoring it with a proper music video. Fortunately, we got this visual blessing this week.

Shot at the World Trade Center’s Oculus in NYC (the same Nicki Minaj delivered her iconic VMAs 2018 performance) , the new OneRepublic music video sees black and white scenes where Ryan Tedder will wander through the facility being completed ignored by tens of passers-by who are entirely obsessed with their phones and hence not even trying to make a “connection” with him. A beautiful black girl will also randomly start to dance through the elusive crowd.

There will be color scenes in the music video that will see the full of OneRepublic band performing “Connection” before a now-interactive crowd at the Oculus.



By on August 29, 2018
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