One Direction's Niall Cries & Runs Maniacally at JLS' Farewell Concert (Photos + Videos)

Marvin Humes final london concert
Aston farewell london concert

December 22. London's O2 Arena. Night time. It's the last concert of JLS' farewell tour. The four-piece boyband disband after six years and five albums together. At the venue, there many celebrities, and two particularly huge ones. They're Niall Horan and Liam Payne of One Direction. To the surprise of many, as I am sure, Liam, and but especially Niall are huge fans of JLS - who were the most successful boyband of "X Factor UK" history, until One Direction came. JLS were on Season 5 and One Direction on Season 7. So Niall had two long years to become a huge JLS supporter.

In a way, he should feel a bit guilty of JLS' termination, though. It's the massive success of One Direction in the entire world, and obviously in their home nation of UK, the reason for JLS' sudden rupture. They simply began losing fans, and One Direction got them all.

Niall applause at jls concert
liam comforts niall at jls concert

At London's O2 Arena, concert-goers caught Niall on video maniacally running (and tripping on purpose) through the venue corridors (near the VIP seatings) in order to not miss the beginning of the JLS show. And during the concert, people also filmed Niall being comforted by fellow One Direction member, Liam Payne, and his girlfriend Barbara, as he got tearfully emotional over JLS' career finale moment. For those doubting Niall was actually weeping, he confirmed on a tweet: "Jesus ! That was an emotional one last night! tears were flowing all round! congrats to the jls lads. What a career! Love u boys". In other news, One Direction's next single will be "Midnight Memories".

"Move! I'm running!"

Niall cries...."What if those were us?"

By on December 23, 2013
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