One Direction - "Made In The A.M" [Complete Album Lyrics]

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The fifth studio album of One Direction, “Made In The A.M”, will arrive in stores across the world on November 13th. This album will be the last one the British-Irish boyband will release in a few years, for a few months ago it was announced that after the release of “Made In The A.M” and its promotional world tour, Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam - the remaining members of One Direction - will take a long break. Will they come back? They say yes, but we’ll see! I mean, do you believe if Harry launches a solo career and succeeds he will return to 1D?

“Made In The A.M” will be available in 2 editions. The standard, which will feature 13 tracks, and the deluxe, which will carry 17 in total.

The main producers of this album have been: Jesse Shatkin, John Ryan and Julian Bunetta. In terms of songwriting credits, it must be noted that all four members of One Direction have contributed to the composition of a great deal of tracks on “Made In The A.M”.

Unfortunately, although, come on, it was bound to happen, who hosts a listening party of the entire “Made In The A.M” album inviting a bunch of sneaky One Direction fans a week before release date? Today, November 3rd, “Made In The A.M” leaked online. Will it hurt the album’s first week-sales? We’ll see, but if I have to place a bet, I’d go with Justin now.

Official Tracklist / Favorite songs?

1. Hey Angel

2. Drag Me Down

3. Perfect

4. Infinity

5. End of the Day

6. If I Could Fly

7. Long Way Down

8. Never Enough

9. Olivia

10. What a Feeling

11. Love You Goodbye

12. I Want to Write You a Song

13. History

Deluxe Edition

14. Temporary Fix

15. Walking In the Wind

16. Wolves

17. A.M

By on November 3, 2015
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