Olly Murs Premieres New "Unpredictable" Version With Vocal Powerhouse Louisa Johnson: Listen Now!

olly murs unpredictable louisa

The original version included on last year’s album “24 Hrs” was fine and already good, but this new version of “Unpredictable” is superior. Olly Murs is releasing this song - in its new version featuring “X Factor UK” Season 12 winner, Louisa Johnson, that is - as the next single from “24 Hrs”, an album that unfortunately didn’t perform as well as Olly’s previous albums sales-wise and which hasn’t been able to produce any Top 10 UK hit to date (and it’s been three singles already). But four is the lucky number, right? Looking to break this bad spell, Olly called Louisa and made this “revamped” version of “Unpredictable” possible. And thank God that call happened because I love this new version. This HAS to be Olly’s first Top 10 UK hit from the “24 Hrs” era. It must be.

The lyrics and production of "Unpredictable" remain the same in this “revamped” version. It’s just now Olly sharing the singing time with Louisa Johnson. And she makes very good use of her time. THOSE LONG NOTES AND AB-LIBS AT THE END!? I seriously LIVED.

Hope Louisa’s already working on her next single. For some reason she’s still to find her musical niche (“So Good” and “Best Behavior” were not the bomb) but fingers crossed her next single will finally be that much-anticipated FLAWLESS song we all expect from her. She has one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard in a long while and it would be a SHAME if she’s not able to produce hit music.

By on May 31, 2017
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