Olly Murs Goes From Ugly Duck To Dashing Gentleman In “Moves” Music Video: Watch Here!

olly murs moves video
olly murs moves video premiere

Olly Murs just provided his latest single “Moves” with a music video. The Alberto Falcone-directed visual premiered this Wednesday morning on YouTube. “Moves” is the first single from the British singer’s upcoming new album “You Know I Know", which is arriving in stores in the UK on November 9.

I must admit I really liked this Olly song on the first listen (it’d been a long time I truly enjoyed a song from him) and I’m digging the music video too. Just one little question, where was Snoop Dogg? The American rapper is an official collaborator on this song but he appears nowhere in the music video that premiered today. Was the rapper’s schedule too busy maybe to fly to the UK for the filming of this video? Still, he could have shot his scenes from America using a green screen or something. But it’s possible too that Olly didn’t have the biggest budget for this music video and paying for an overseas filming just for Snoop Dogg was simply unthinkable. Oh well, it would have been fun seeing Snoop in this music video and you will understand why after you give it a first watch below.


Wasn’t that fun? Loved the nerd-turns-gentleman storyline, Olly Murs definitely knows how to look good in a suit and dance in it, and he just clearly has a magnetic, lovable personality. Giving this music video a comedic touch was the right move. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I know I would have enjoyed it even more if Snoop Dogg had appeared in it and had played along with the comedy.

PS: I see you, Mr. Bean!

mr bean in olly murs video
By on October 17, 2018
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