Normani Says Bye To Epic, Signs With RCA For Solo Career, Debut Album In “Late 2018”

normani signs with rca

Normani Says Bye To Epic, Signs With RCA For Solo Career, Debut Album In “Late 2018”

Hits Daily Double sent Normani Kordei’s fans into frenzy over the weekend when they reported the “Love Lies” songstress had signed a deal with RCA Records and that her debut solo album would be coming out in later 2018.

Click here to see Normani’s “B-Side” page or just check out the screen capture below.

normani rca

Quite clear, huh?

I doubt Hits Daily Double would be posting this sensitive information, especially the label change detail, if they hadn’t obtained a confirmation from an official source. So this means Normani is now part of "Love Lies" partner Khalid’s label home (official announcement by RCA is pending… maybe they’re waiting till Normani’s contract with Epic officially expires?). Perhaps it was Khalid who put her in contact with the RCA people in the first place when recording "Love Lies" and paved the way for her access?

Also, the “late 2018” date estimate for Normani’s debut solo album published on the Hits Daily Double website must mean the great reception of “Love Lies” and the fact the RCA executives think they can obtain with Normani the same level of success as with Khalid (similar target audience) is rushing the recording of Normani’s first LP (yey!). “Late 2018” technically means the last quarter of the year and that means we could be getting Normani’s first single at the end of the summer.

By the way, I totally understand Normani's decision to part ways with Epic and let RCA be the ones who help her with her solo career. I wouldn't trust Epic either to be completely and 100% dedicated to the success of her solo career when rival Camila Cabello is in the same label.

Do you think RCA is the best home for solo Normani?

By on March 5, 2018

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