Normani Kordei Says Solo Debut Album Is 30% Finished!

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Normani Kordei Says Solo Debut Album Is 30% Finished!

During a video call with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show to promote her newly released collaboration with Khalid “Love Lies”, Normani Kordei gave a few details about what her future looks. And that future doesn’t sound to be with Fifth Harmony. And not that she’s abandoning the group, just that the group is going into hiatus. It’s now very evident all four remaining girls are focused on their solo careers. For instance Normani, she’s “Love Lies” out now, and according to what she told Zane Lowe yesterday, she’s already recording her solo debut album. And she said it’s 30% done. She said so with such a smile on her face and proclaiming people are going to finally discover the “real” Normani. I normally don’t have a problem with people speaking their truth, but this Normani comment hurt a little. I guess it hurts for all the Fifth Harmony fans who just have to witness, unable to do anything, how the girls kind of talk trash about the music they’ve put out with the pop group. And I know she didn’t say “the songs from Fifth Harmony are trash” but it’s kind of the sense she’s giving.. you know what I mean?

But anyway. I’m excited for Normani’s upcoming solo career, I hope her debut album gets to 100% done very soon, and I just can’t wait to hear more stuff like “Love Lies” from her. She’s the bomb.

By on February 15, 2018

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