Normani Delivers Epic Performance Of "Waves" On 'The Tonight Show': A Must-Watch

normani waves
normani waves premiere

If you want to watch a performance over and over again, and it's been like that for over 30 minutes, then this is a guarantee that the performance was amazing. This is precisely what's happening to me with Normani's performance of her song "Waves" that took place on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" last night (March 13).

The vocals were perfect, that trick with the mic stand left me shook, the look in Normani's eyes and her overall body language transmitting how much she honestly believes (with much reason) she is a star, the whole routine, stage and back-up dancers.. what else can I mention? This "Waves" performance was epic and I recommend everyone to watch it. If you're a Normani fun, then this is a must-watch, and if you're a fan of a good demonstration of showmanship, then this is a must-watch too.

Just last month Normani premiered the music video for "Waves". That was amazing too. The song in itself is amazing. I love it. Unfortunately, "Waves" is struggling to find success on the charts and on the radio. I really think the one to blame here is "Dancing With A Stranger". Maybe this TV performance will change everything... who knows.


By on March 14, 2019
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