No Joke: Zayn DOES Appear In The "Sour Diesel" Official Music Video!

zayn sour diesel video
zayn sour diesel video premiere

After the absurdity that was the “Stand Still” music video where he didn’t appear, Zayn corrects his behavior by do making an appearance in the “Sour Diesel” music video, which premiered last night (April 18) on YouTube. Why are all these music videos being randomly premiered? Easy. The “Icarus Falls” era is over and RCA is just looking to make money with the views from the music videos that Zayn shot but didn’t get to properly release because the entire era was a flop and was cancelled. So RCA is randomly premiering these music videos with no real promotion just with the intention of recuperating some of their lost investment. How many music videos did Zayn film? I once heard the rumor he shot videos for all of the songs on “Icarus Falls”. So if that’s true we’ll be seeing weekly premieres on YouTube until the end of the summer or maybe even the year – lol.

This “Sour Diesel” video ain’t bad. Zayn appears in an orgy, shirtless and looking like a villain Robin.


By on April 19, 2019
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