Nicole Scherzinger Turns The Heat Up With "Bang" Music Video: Watch

nicole scherzinger bang video

As she would say; this is “SHAMAZING!”. Nicole Scherzinger premiered overnight the official video for "Bang". This is not a cover of the Cher/Nancy Sinatra classic but a song that actually belongs to Nicole. Co-produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream, “Bang” is a sexy R&B-esque record found on Ms. Scherzinger’s second solo album “Big Fat Lie”. Didn’t know she release a new album this Fall? I believe you. The album has sold so bad that I actually believe when people say they have no idea about it.

I guess the promotion days of "Run" are over, huh? It's disappointing. "Run" is the best song on “Big Fat Lie”. It just hurts my heart to have seen it under perform on the charts like it did. What happened?

nicole scherzinger bang video

“Bang” music video review

Simple but very sexy. Nicole Scherzinger has made a $5 dollar budget be more than enough to shoot a decent music video. Following close-up shots of Nicole singing the intro of “Bang” simulating having orgasms, we get to see the former Pussycat Dolls leader doing an intimate dance routine with a black dancer man. It’s a very sultry and sexy one-on-one choreography. Besides showing off her dance skills, Nicole will also lift up her t-shirt from time to time to show off her other assets.

Having praised the "Bang" MV...was it the most intelligent decision to drop this without any previous warning?

nicole scherzinger bang video

What do you think of the video?

By on December 15, 2014
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