Nicole Scherzinger Replaces Fergie In Black Eyed Peas... For Just One Night?

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We were told Nicole Scherzinger wouldn't be officially replacing Fergie but that she would just be "involved" in the next Black Eyed Peas project. That's how shut down the rumors of a Fergie replacement by the girl whose name is Nicole. But what took place this past weekend didn't help to put those rumors to rest for real.

Black Eyed Peas were hired to perform a mini concert at a fan event the night before to the latest Formula 1 race in Azerbaijan over the weekend. Everybody assumed BEP would perform in Baku with its three members as they had done only a few weeks ago at the UEFA Champions League final and a few days ago at the "One Love Manchester" charity concert. But a shocking surprise came to scene when, and Taboo welcomed Nicole Scherzinger on stage to perform with them all of the hits Fergie had vocals in. The four artists on stage showed great chemistry (as if they had been rehearsing, getting to know each other for a long time) and Nicole really nailed every vocal - trying to make people totally forget about Fergie ever singing those parts.

Black Eyed Peas looked and sounded good with Nicole. So, the rumors are back. Will she replace Fergie or not? Was this mini concert with the "Poison" singer the appetizer of what's to come or was it just mere coincidence that Nicole was vacationing in Azerbaijan and she just called her Black Eyed Peas friends to see if she could be of any assistance? Oh boy. We're back at square one. The mystery will remain I guess until BEP release their new single and we find out if Nicole is on it or not.

Afterthought: If Nicole ends up stealing Fergie’s membership. Then congratulations to her. This would be a great career revival for her.

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By on June 26, 2017
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