Nicole Scherzinger Does Sia Justice On “James Corden” With “Never Give Up” Cover: Watch

nicole scherzinger never give up
nicole scherzinger never give up corden

Dev Patel and Nicole Scherzinger crossed paths with "Slumdog Millionaire" (she sang a version of theme song "Jai Ho" with the Pussycat Dolls) and now they are crossing paths again - with a another movie!

Nicole may not be featured on the soundtrack of Dev's latest Oscar-nominated film "Lion" but she's singing everywhere one of the songs from the album. "Never Give Up", an original song written and performed by Sia, is the one. Sia has apparently been so busy to agree to promote it at events that the movie's producers asked noted powerhouse singer Nicole Scherzinger to fill in. She performed a few weeks ago at pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles and now, with the imminent release of "Lion" on DVD (April 11), producers are pushing fresh new promo on the media. But how? Sending the actors to do interviews again? Nah. They're sending Nicole Scherzinger! (Get them coins, girl!). Yesterday she appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" to perform "Never Give Up" live, and boy did she slay. Singing a Sia live is always going to be difficult but Nicole has known how to adapt this song to her singing style. She's smart. And the final result couldn't be more exciting. Watch her slay "Never Give Up" live below. You can tell she was super comfortable and enjoying every note as well as the infectious the melody.

Movie producers should give Nicole more soundtrack songs to sing. She's so good with them. Shame this was just a last minute job for her.


By on March 24, 2017
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