Big Fat Lie? Nicole Scherzinger Denies Being “Fired” From Label, Promises New Music In 2016!

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Who does the “Big Fat Lie” singer want to fool?

Nicole Scherzinger has denied in a recent interview with the Huffington Post UK that she’s been “fired” from her latest label - may we remember that she is (was) signed to RCA Records in the UK and Epic Records in the US. Nicole’s slamming the rumors by saying:

“I’ve got a new deal coming out,” she told HuffPost UK, before turning her attention to previous reports. “It was rumoured all this year that I was dropped and I actually wasn’t dropped."
“I was signing a new deal, with another label,” she continued. “We’re still working on finalising the contract, which I am unable to speak too much about.
“I’m really excited about this project and new music that I’m putting together, and which will be released next year.”

LOL. LOL. LOL. Really Nicole? I know you want to minimize the damage this embarrassing situation could do to your image but come on, we are not foolish. RCA Records DROPPED YOU (capital letters required) due to the poor sales of your last album “Big Fat Lie” and that’s something we, the intelligent people, know. Don’t try to deny it; just face the reality like a big girl and try to learn something out of this failure.

The HuffPost UK interview focused on Nicole’s label status in the UK (as expected) and did not touch her status in the US, where she’s supposedly still signed to Epic Records (she still appears on the roster page). However, I have the feeling Nicole’s been dropped from the L.A Reid-run label too and they’ve just forgotten to remove her from the roster page because they must probably have lazy staff managing the website. If my thoughts are true, then the dream of Nicole to see “Big Fat Lie” officially released in the USA has vanished. The only thing that she managed to release in her home country was the single “Run” - which unfortunately flopped (really liked this ballad though!).

So. Nicole ended this HuffPost UK interview by saying she’s closed a new record deal (who has signed her!? I wanna know!) and that “new music” is coming out in 2016. Interesting… what direction will she go know? She’s honestly tried it all!!!


By on September 9, 2015
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