Nicki Minaj Ups Her Game Thanks To Cardi B: Watch The “Hard White” Music Video For Confirmation

nicki minaj hard white video
nicki minaj hard white video premiere

After the spectacular music video of “Money” by Cardi B, of course Nicki Minaj was going to retaliate with a video that was up to the level to tell her own fans she ain’t planning to lower her guard and that she will fight to the end to keep her spot on the throne of the female rap game. Or has she already lost it?

Nicki Minaj premiered last night the official music video for her song “Hard White”, taken from the “Queen” album. The video was directed by Mike Ho and it’s definitely an improvement from what we saw in the “Good Form” music video a few months ago. Here there is no unnecessary nudity or twerking but a more “polished” theme. Nicki plays the role of the “Queen” as her subjects covered in white paint – reminds me to Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” video for some reason – worship her and sing her adlibs. But beside this, there are other scenes and computer-generated imagery that we most probably wouldn’t have seen in a Nicki visual if it weren’t for Cardi B raising the bar for female rappers’ music videos with her “Money” visual. I’m so confident Nicki said: “I’m going to best this bitch” when starting to work in the “Hard White” music video.

But isn’t it great when artists up their game when they see their rivals kill it?


By on February 1, 2019
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