Nicki Minaj Premieres Yet Another Oversexualized Music Video: Here’s The One For “Good Form” Remix

nicki minaj good form music video
nicki minaj good form music video premiere

Nicki Minaj’s “Good Form” remix featuring Lil Wayne is out. It was supposed to come out on Friday but since it leaked online several hours before Friday came there was no point on waiting so Nicki rushed-released it. The remix is out on digital platforms now and the Colin Tilley-directed music video is up on YouTube. For me Lil Wayne adds nothing to the song so I'm just here for the music video. Let's watch.

Well, it's another typical Nicki Minaj music video: she wears absurd outfits, over-sexualizes her image, and does sporadic twerking. The execution of the music video is on point, though. That I must highlight. Colin Tilley did a good job here. But the treatment, meh. It's flashy, it's entertaining to watch I guess, but it makes Nicki look like she's not growing. I don't mind her songs staying the same but at least she could upgrade her music videos. I mean Cardi B also has “typical” urban music videos but for instance the one for “I Like It” was a little bit different and a breath of fresh air for sure.

“Good Form”, the original song, is included on Nicki's album “Queen”.

nicki minaj good form music video online
By on November 29, 2018
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