Nick Jonas & Thomas Rhett Live Debut “Chainsaw” For CMT Crossroads: Watch!

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Nick Jonas is taking every little opportunity to debut songs from his forthcoming new solo album "Last Year Was Complicated" which comes out June 10th. He's been releasing countdown singles on iTunes, previewing others on social media, and last night, April 22nd, Nick live debuted one called "Chainsaw" for a pre-taped CMT Crossroads episode. But wait a minute, isn't CMT Crossroads a show where they paired up two singers from different genres? Yeah it is! Nick performed "Chainsaw" yesterday at this Nashville-based event with country star Thomas Rhett! Thomas played the guitar while Nick did his thing with the piano. Both singers delivered SUPERB VOCALS! Thomas particularly sounded great in what it should be a song Nick has to rule and has to be the one that sings it best. Thunder stole?

Although I don't know if this is the real deal of "Chainsaw", or if they countryfied it a bit for the CMT special, this new track from "Last Year Was Complicated" sounds super good. It's a mid-tempo ballad where Nick sings about not bearing the pain of having broken up with what could have been the love of his life and now is literally destroying every little thing that reminds him of his ex with a chainsaw!

Dying to find out how the studio version will be like!

Liking what you hear?

By on April 23, 2016
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