Nick Jonas & Robin Schulz Release New Single "Right Now" Inspired By Priyanka Chopra? Stream Now!

nick jonas right now

Nick Jonas (who will be marrying Priyanka Chopra soon) and German DJ Robin Schulz have teamed up for a collaborative single titled “Right Now”. The track is a tropical EDM number where Nick will produce sultry vocals and sing about missing his girl and hoping that she comes back home really soon so he can kiss all of her beautiful body. Priyanka, girl, what are you waiting for? Go home! ‘Cause if you're not going, I'm gonna take your place! (lol).

Right Now” is breezy song, nothing groundbreaking but easy on the ears, and also I don't know why it gives me some The Wanted vibes... random, right? But hey, me likey. Oh, and there better be a music video for this song coming out soon. This song would be the perfect excuse for Nick Jonas to get shirtless in the music video as he welcomes his girl home! Oh yeah! I wanna see that!


By on August 25, 2018
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