Nick Jonas Inspired Demi Lovato's New Album? She Speaks Up On "Ellen"

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Nick Jonas Inspired Demi Lovato's New Album? She Speaks Up On "Ellen"

Demi Lovato stopped by “The Ellen Show” today to do a little promotion for her new album “Tell Me You Love Me”. The pop singer first had a sit-down interview with the show host where she discussed her forthcoming documentary and the man who inspired at least one song from her new album. Then, Demi Lovato performed her smash hit “Sorry Not Sorry”.


Sounds like that documentary will be a must-watch and yeah, Demi pretty much confirmed Nick Jonas was on her mind while writing at least one of the songs from “Tell Me You Love Me”. “Ruin the Friendship” was written about Nick. And that’s a song about a personal wish of moving from friends to actual lovers. Demi’s non-denying and involuntary laugh was a serious confirmation. She seemingly tried an affair with Nick, it didn’t work out, but that’s ok, because they’re still friends. So they must’ve cleared things out. Demi must’ve fought for their friendship when she eventually expressed her true feelings to Nick. So cute.


Not the best performance of “Sorry not Sorry” vocals-wise but the presentation and fashion were great.

By on October 4, 2017

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