Niall Horan Releases Studio Version of New Single "Too Much To Ask"!

niall horan too much to ask

Niall Horan officially released his new single “Too Much To Ask” today on digital platforms. Today the song officially goes for radio adds too. “Too Much To Ask” serves as the third single from Niall’s forthcoming debut solo album “Flicker”, which will arrive in stores on October 20 via Capitol Records.

We first heard “Too Much To Ask” a few weeks ago when Niall Horan kicked off his “Flicker Sessions 2017” tour and performed the song live. Today, though, we finally get to listen to the studio version.


Too Much To Ask” is a really nice pop ballad. “Tell me there are things that you regret / 'Cause if I'm being honest I ain't over you yet / It's all I'm asking / Is it too much to ask?”, sings heartbroken Niall in the chorus. “Too Much To Ask” is a song about refusing to get over your ex just yet.

We have no doubt Top 40 radios will love to play this!

By on September 15, 2017
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